Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering play the vital role in upgrading the standards of engineering products, in enhancing productivity, efficiency, speed, quality and economy in work culture. The large-scale applications of the Computer Science and Engineering and emergence of new technologies have revolutionized the world and living standards. The explosions of Information Technology are taking place with the medium of Computer Science and Engineering and is widening everyday in geometric proportion. The demand for computer professionals is ever increasing such that there is always dearth for the right people in this field.

Department Labs

  • Programming Lab
  • Advanced Networking and Multimedia Lab
  • IBM certified Central Computing Lab
  • Computer Hardware Lab
  • Department Library


The college has a campus-wide networking and computing environment, comprising a vertical OFC backbone of 2 Gbps and horizontal UTP CATS cabling of 100 Mbps capacity. The advanced networking and multimedia lab has a capacity of 50 multimedia workstations, with dedicated IBM servers exclusively for LINUX/WINDOWS environments. The programming Lab has 42 High End IBM workstations and 2 Midrange IBM servers. MCA Lab has the latest Thin Client Computer environment with LINUX/WINDOWS. It has 30 terminals. Common computing centre is equipped with Pentium based terminals on heterogeneous platform. The labs are backed up with high efficient GE/Libert/emersion UPS of 6/10KVA, as a redundant measure against power failure.

Gireesh TK

Gireesh T K


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