Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a versatile area and basis for all high tech off-shoots such as Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. It is such a diverse and dynamic area of study that it has not left any facet of human activity untouched. The world’s technological revolution is wholly due to advance in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has the opportunity to master very wide spectrum of knowledge. A graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering becomes expert in areas unheard of 20 years ago. Excellent career opportunities await the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduates in areas such as power generation, transmission and distribution, space systems, aerospace, communication, computer – hardware and software, radar, medical instrumentation, lasers and electro-optics.

Department Labs

  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electrical Measurement Lab
  • Advanced Electrical Lab
  • Computer Centre with 30 terminals
  • Electrical Workshops
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Department Library



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