Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics is the branch of study that has revolutionized the life style of humanity. It is a pace setter and a prime mover behind the transition to a technological society. The field of Electronics and Communication Engineering encompasses all areas of human life. Radio, television, telephones, computers, automobiles, office machinery and house-hold appliances, life saving medical equipments and space vehicles represent a mere sample in the wide spectrum of application of Electronics.
In the age of satellite transmitted television and transcontinental computer network, the challenge and opportunities in this profession continue to mushroom. Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates have unlimited opportunities in the field of terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like telephones, cellular phones, television, optical fiber communication, consumer and entertainment devices. Highly rewarding and greatly satisfying opportunities await the Electronics and Communication Engineers in the field of satellite space programs, embedded technologies etc.

Department Labs

  • Communication lab
  • Digital Lab
  • Computer center with 40 terminals
  • Electronics Circuits Labs
  • Microprocessor and Micro controller Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Department Library



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