Internal Quality Assurance Cell( IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is the premier body of the college , having the advisory role, which discuss the academic matters , make decisions and proposals for the principal at the formation of policies, regulations and rules. The committee works for assuring the quality of the delivery of programs by individual departments. The IQAC monitors and provides feedback to HOD/ faculty about the observed weaknesses and suggessions for improvement atleast once during a semester.IQAC also approve and forward the academic proposals submitted by individual departments to the principal for further processing.

IAC shall conduct internal academic audit and produce the required documents and records to the External Auditoron demand. IAC is also responsible for uploadingmonthly report, annual report and any other datarequired tothe external auditor and/or KTU.

IQAC Members

SI No Name Designation Phone Email
1 Dr. Sabeena MV Principal 9446516393
2 Dr. Shahir VK Director 9446647047
3 Sri. Gireesh TK HoD CS Dept/ IQAC Coordinator 9496436312
4 Smt. Jisha P HoD Civil Dept (Member) 9847333203
5 Punitha V Assit Professor  EC Dept (Member) 9946437077
6 Rajani VR Assit Professor  EE Dept (Member) 9946938780
7 Divya  M Assit Professor  CSE Dept (Member) 9387021355
8 Shabana V Assit Professor CSE Dept (Member) 9495246521
9 Anila S Assit Professor  Civil Dept (Member) 9846796902 anila.
10 Jibi R Assit Professor  ME Dept (Member) 9961347483
11 Anupama KN Assit Professor  MCA Dept (Member) 9946738100 anupama.
12 Aparna KC Assit Professor  EC Dept (Alumni Nominee) 9496138606
13 Ismail OK Administrative Officer ( Administrative Nominee) 9446545621
14 Sasidharan Namboodiri (Management Nominee)
15 Sri. Harigovind C Deputy town planner (Professional Body Nominee) 9446566393 er.
16 Smt. Safiya Ward Member 9539455180
17 Smt. Shilpa K Student Nominee 9846385096

Audit Manual

KTU Audit Report Odd Semester AY 2019-20